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Welcome to Abax

The City of Unanswered Questions

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You find yourself in the basement of a morgue; naked, cold, and alone. Your personal belongings are gone, all you have to wear is a thin paper slip. You have no memory of how you came to be here. Your only clue is the tag attached to your toe; it reads your name, and offers a time.

Beyond the basement is an empty city. The lights are all on, but nobody seems to be home. The entire city is abandoned- or is it?

Whatever it is, there's something wrong here.

Welcome to Abax, the city of perpetual night;

The City of Unanswered Questions.

Abax is a panfandom, original character friendly mystery horror game set in a seemingly abandoned city. Trapped in perpetual night, the city is expansive and sprawling, offering all of the amenities one could need. Separated into many different districts, the city has an interconnecting system of subway and skytrains, although they never seem to stop. Some districts are inexplicably blocked off; anyone trying to reach a destination where they just shouldn't be will find themselves right back where they started.

You have a whole city at your disposal, the question is, what will you do with it? Or better yet, what will it do with you?

★☆ welcome to Abax ☆★




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